The current cyber landscape in the health care sector is showing an enormous growth in the number of cyber attacks. Unfortunately, this also has consequences in the physical domain, as we have recently seen in Germany. In some cases, it even affects national security. But you can actually prevent it by working with the checklist below. After all, if you have taken the right measures, it is generally more difficult to take over your organization digitally. And with a heart that beats within the healthcare sector, you can be sure of one thing: prevention is better than an expensive process in which you have to put your organization back into full operation.


It’s important to establish a baseline and close existing vulnerabilities. When was your last assessment?



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Secure your email. 90% of breaches and compromises start with phishing attacks. Phishing emails are becoming harder to spot.  We’ll help train your staff  and provide technical solutions to protect your business and staff from these attacks.

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Apply security policies on your network. Examples: Deny or limit  USB file storage access, enable enhanced password policies, set user screen timeouts, and limit user access.

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Train your users often! Teach them about data security, email attacks, and your policies and procedures.    We offer a web-based training solution and “done for you” security policies.

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Protect your computers data from malware, viruses, and cyberattacks with advanced endpoint security. Today’s latest technology protects against file-less and script based threats and can even rollback a ransomware attack. 

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Utilize MFA whenever you can including on your network, email, banking websites, social media and  any other services your business uses. It adds an extra layer of protection to ensure that even if your password gets stolen, your data stays protected

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Keep Microsoft, Adobe, and Java products updated for better security. We provide a “critical update” service via automation to protect your computers from the latest known attacks.

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Knowing in real-time what passwords and accounts have been posted on the Dark Web can allow your to be proactive in preventing a data breach. We scan the Dark Web and take action to prevent your business from                                              stolen credentials that have been posted for sale.

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(Security Incident & Event Management)

Uses big data engines to review all event and security logs from all covered devices to protect against advanced threats and to meet compliance requirements.

Healthcare Data Privacy


This is often an overlooked piece of your security program. Keeping uninvited guests out of your office and securing areas is crucial to protecting sensitive data and your business from breaches.

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Today’s cyber criminals attempt to steal data or access your network by way of employees’ phones and tablets. They’re counting on you to neglect this piece of the puzzle. Mobile device security closes this gap.

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Turn on Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention features. Send the log files to a managed SIEM. And if your IT team doesn’t know what these things are, call us today!

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Whenever possible, the goal is to encrypt files at rest, in motion (think email) and especially on mobile devices.

VPN, Personal Online Security, Virtual Private Network


Backup local. Backup to the cloud. Have an offline backup for each month of the year. Test your backups often. And if you aren’t convinced your backups are working properly, take action !

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If all else fails, protect your income and business with cyber damage and recovery insurance policies.

There are people in our organization who know the health care sector very well. This means that we are familiar with quality systems, standards and we know better than anyone how to achieve the highest cyber security impact with the lowest budget.