This is how you do cyber resilience!

You read it more and more often that various companies are becoming victims of cyber criminals. To be very precise 1 time every 9 seconds there is a new victim. The damage incurred by the company in 2021 was 6 Trillard. In 2022, they expected this to be a multiple.

Unfortunately, many companies are still insufficiently able to get the basics in order. That's why we've made it easier by listing 15 tips. Avoid becoming a victim of cyber criminals. 


Top 15 tips to become cyber resilient

Tip 1 Your password…  In short, everyone gets Welcome01! or passwords are issued that cannot be guessed within 10 minutes. Is the complexity of the password sufficient? Is 2FA on by default? If you make it too easy, hackers can easily get in.

Tip 2 Is there a backup of all important information in your company? Is there a regular backup and it is checked whether it is clean (some hackers only allow their software to become active after 200 days, so your backup is infected.

Tip 3 Are all programs in your organization up to date? Hackers love vulnerabilities in old programs, so it's very easy to break into your business if these well-known old vulnerabilities are exploited. So if there is a new version of a program, make sure to update it.

Tip 4 Who has access to your building and files? Are you sure there are no old login details and passwords available? And do you also have the access passes for each other?

Tip 5 Do you have your security policy in order? The plan is often written once, but is this plan also frequently tested against the current digital threat landscape?

Tip 6 Do you know who to call in the event of a cyber attack? There are often call lists in circulation, but is a paper version also available? And what is the composition of the crisis team?

Tip 7 Are you aware of the direct and indirect digital risks of your company? In short, what keeps you awake at night, what are the headache files and have you taken sufficient mitigating measures?

Tip 8 Draw up a cyber crisis plan† And have you practiced this enough with your staff? Who does what? Practice mitigates the primary emotional response to a hack and prevents unnecessary damage.

Tip 9 Secure your workplace. Have software that protects your phone and computer from intruders. Do you work at home a lot? Don't forget your smart devices!

Tip 10 Ensure awareness of your organization. Provide adequate training, at least once a year. Your ISO1 auditor will appreciate this. And with good training you can prevent cyber incidents and consequential damage.

Tip 11 Check your suppliers. Cyber ​​resilience is also created by thinking in digital ecosystems. If you do business with a company that does not have the basics in order, your data may also end up on the street.

Tip 12 Ensure active asset management and processes in the event of a hack. As an owner/driver, do you know how the lines run? Which assets belong to third parties and which are your own and have you made agreements about this in the event of a hack?

Tip 13 Safeguard industrial processes. This sounds logical, but are you sure that the contents of your industrial processes are well protected? Both the intellectual property and specific possible digital leaks. The software programs in the PLCs of your OT environments must always be transparent and your primary processes must be monitored with artificial intelligence.

Tip 14 Forcing strange eyes. It can be refreshing to hire an outside expert from time to time and distinguish the sense from the nonsense. After all, your staff will always reason based on job security. A good cybersecurity consultant can actually provide insight into your problems or confirm that everything is indeed under control.

Tip 15 Provide insight into the potential financial consequences of a hack. Have you allocated sufficient financial resources? A good analysis in this area can save you a lot of headaches.

Idea the cloud always works!

Fact. Failures in the cloud also occur regularly, so it is wise to also run business-critical applications in a hybrid manner.

Idea there are no telecom failures

Fact this is not the case telecom disruptions regularly occur so it is wise to have at least 2 phones from 2 providers.

Idea If I buy everything from Brand X then I'll be fine.

100% security is a utopia. Never rely on a manufacturer or supplier. Spread your risk and ensure a 4-eyes principle on the same digital facts.

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