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The number of cases involving cybercrime increased by 2020 percent in 127 compared to the previous year. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the impact has also grown: two thirds of all Dutch people would have come into contact with a 'cyber threat' last year.

In 2021 the total damage to our information society was 6 trillion and in 2022 they expect this to triple.

In cases involving cybercrime, there would often be financial damage. Victims would lose an average of 2.800 euros per person with WhatsApp fraud, while with bank fraud via spoofing the damage increases to an average of 10.000 euros per victim. (source OM)

 Take the right measures to protect yourself from hackers. We have unique tools at our disposal to make your organization cyber-resilient.

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How do you arrange that in your own way, cyber resilience? We have listed 15 tips and a number of relevant documents that fit in with the current digital threat landscape... Avoid becoming a victim of a cyber criminal.

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You receive thousands of messages about new vulnerabilities every day. But which vulnerabilities specifically affect your business continuity as a company. We provide context and insight.

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If you have a cyber incident, we are there for you within 24 hours. Here you will gain insight into your situation. The forensic evidence is secured. And we work with you to minimize the impact on your business continuity.

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We offer different levels of cyber resilience. Based on our security scan, we offer advice in which costs and risks are carefully weighed up.

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